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Carol Burnett and Friends, also known as The Carol Burnett Show, was a half hour comedy television show composed of sketches and parodies (movie, tv shows, soaps operas) starring Carol Burnett, Vicky Lawrence, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman among others. The show usually starts with some audience interaction followed by the sketches that made the show famous. Among the favorites are soap opera and movie parodies, "As the Stomach Turns" and "Went with the Wind".

Carol Burnett and Friends aired on CBS from September 11, 1967 to March 29, 1978 for a total of 278 episodes. The show also enjoyed success for many years in syndicated reruns (Carol Burnett and Friends) after some reediting of the show's sketches.

The popular variety show made the stars household names with such sketches as "As the Stomach Turns", "Went with the Wind" (a parody of Gone with the Wind featuring a scene with Burnett as Scarlett O'Hara in the dress made from a window curtain, complete with the curtain rod), "Carol & Sis", "Mr. Tudball" and "Mrs. Wiggins", "The Family" (which would later spin off into a show called Mama's Family), "Nora Desmond" (Burnett's send-up of Gloria Swanson's character Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard), and "Stella Toddler." A frequent repeated segment was "Kitchen Commercials", in which cast members parodied TV commercials that drove a woman (Burnett) crazy. It had frequent, high recognition guest stars. The long-running show was frequently nominated for Emmy's, and won three times.

 carol burnett dvd


One would be hard pressed to find a more formidable ensemble of comedic talent than the cast of The Carol Burnett Show. For eleven seasons, Carol and her cohorts took sketch comedy to hilarious new heights, thanks in part to each actor’s devious desire to make the others crack up on camera. The tactics usually worked, leaving the cast, and generations of viewers, in stitches. Fondly-remembered sketches included their popular ongoing soap opera spoof, “As the Stomach Turns,” as well as frequent movie parodies, such as the unforgettable “Went With The Wind.” Based on the film, Gone With The Wind, the sketch featured Carol as Scarlett O’Hara, dressed ridiculously in a garment made from a set of window curtains. Another recurring segment called “The Family” would later become the catalyst for a spin-off series in 1983 called Mama’s Family, which starred Vicky Lawrence. For their efforts, The Carol Burnett Show collected 28 Emmy Awards and eight Golden Globes. After going off the air in 1978, the show would continue on in syndication for many years as Carol Burnett and Friends. It was the last great variety show, one that showcased a cast of characters whose chemistry is unparalleled. But the heart of the show was always Carol, who not only made audiences laugh but connected with them on a more personal level , such as at the beginning of each show by involving them in a question and answer session. And at the finish of each show, she would give her trademark tug of her ear (a message to her grandmother that she loved her) and then end with her trademark song, which seemed to perfectly sum up the feelings of everyone watching.

The ULTIMATE Gift for Fans
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The Carol Burnett Show is one of America's most lasting and timeless Television masterpieces. The proud winner of 25 Emmy Awards, this series also starred Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner, Tim Conway and Vicky Lawrence, among others.

This Collector's Edition DVD set contains all the sketches in the syndicated re-run Carol Burnett & Friends, on 12 DVDs packed to the brim with laughter, fun and smiles!

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Relive the laughter and joy of the Carol Burnett Show with this special, Limited Edition Collector's Box Set. Spend your family time with Carol, Harvey, Tim and Vickey and share the laughs from your youth with your family!

carol burnett dvd

Complete TV Series on 12 DVDs in a boxed set as pictured above.

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carol burnett dvd


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DVD- Reviews

Nov 12th -

I bought this and the TIME LIFE set and this set has about 3 or 4 times more episodes than the really expensive boxed set. - Thanks for the super show collection at a much better price!

Mike H.

This is a very very funny collection! I am so happy i bought this set for my wife! I had no idea Carol Burnett was so funny i ended up enjoying the shows myself!

Nov- 7th

Dave B.

Hillarious show indeed - The world needs more "Carol Burnett" I love this DVD series it really makes me bust my gut on some of those skits.

"I was watching the Tony Danza show a few days ago and one of his guests was Carol Burnett. Watching the old clips from her 70's show really made me want them on DVD so I decided to purchase this set. To my amazement, I found that they were very comprehensive for the really cheap price. A very good buy!!"

- Judy

"Miss the times when sex on TV was implied instead of explicit. Carol had sex on her show but you never had to worry about watching it in your face or what the kids were going to see next. Well done, Carol. "

- Gerald

"It brought back memories of when I watched Carol's show each week and laughed and laughed! I had forgotten. I am so glad I ordered this. "

- Debbie


Carol Burnett DVD TV series show complete season collection on DVD. All Seasons and episodes from first episode. Complete Carol burnett show & Friends box set dvds.

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She really is an amazing woman; even though she won a lot of awards, she does not act superior at all or in a proud way and in every show people feel close to her because she still seems to be so much like us, a regular person, but which is also very, very funny.

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Six-time Emmy Award winner Carol Burnett has demonstrated such versatility since ending the 11 year run of the "Carol Burnett Show" that she is as widely recognized for her dramatic abilities as she is for her comedic and musical talents. Americans fondly consider Carol Burnett a true living legend in entertainment, having bestowed more People's Choice Awards upon her than any other woman in the award show's history. She has also received five Golden Globes and in 2003 she was a recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors and in 2005 The Presidential Medal of Freedom. Some of her other notable awards include the Peabody Award for "Friendly Fire," and the Ace Award for "Between Friends" with Elizabeth Taylor. Carol has enjoyed a career about which most performers can only dream; moving easily from the stage to television, from feature and television films to variety specials.

Carol’s second book, This Time Together – Laughter and Reflection, has now spent over two months on The New York Times Best Seller List. The book was published April 6 by Harmony Books, an imprint of Random House. This look back is filled with hilarious and touching anecdotes from both her remarkable career and personal adventures. What started as a letter to her daughters as a record of her life and their family history turned into Carol’s first book, One More Time, a critically acclaimed memoir published by Random House which reached the non-fiction best sellers lists in 1986.

Carol portrayed the villainess Kangaroo in 20th Century Fox’s 2008 blockbuster animated feature “Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who” in which she co-starred with Jim Carrey and Steve Carell.

Last year Carol was nominated for an Emmy for her guest appearance as a murderer “In Law and Order: SVU.” In her 2005 version of “Once Upon A Mattress” for ABC TV, she played Queen Aggravain, and Tracey Ullman co-starred as Princess Winnifred, the role Carol made famous during its smash Broadway run. She also starred as Winnifred in two previous television productions of the musical.

The CBS Special “The Carl Burnett Show: Let’s Bump Up The Lights,” was broadcast in May of 2004, and reunited Carol with Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner. The show featured the spontaneous and hilarious moments that were seen at the beginning of every “The Carol Burnett Show” – where Carol and the gang answered questions from the studio audience. Carol's previous special, "The Carol Burnett Show: Show Stoppers" with Harvey, Vicki and Tim attracted nearly 30 million viewers. It was the fourth most watched program of 2001 and was nominated for three Emmy's including "Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special."

In April 2002 "Hollywood Arms," directed by Harold Prince, had its world premiere at Chicago's Goodman Theatre. The idea for the play was conceived by Carol's daughter, Carrie Hamilton, who had died of cancer in January of that year. Carrie and Carol co-wrote the script based on Carol's 1986 best-selling memoir One More Time. The production went on to make its Broadway debut at The Cort Theater on October 31, 2002. To perpetuate Carrie’s love of the performing arts, Carol has created The Carrie Hamilton Foundation.
Carol last appeared on Broadway in 1999 in the Stephen Sondheim musical review “Putting It Together;” the production was first mounted in 1998, to great critical and commercial success, at Los Angeles’ Mark Taper Forum. Her Broadway appearance, prior to "Putting It Together, was in 1995 with Philip Bosco in the Ken Ludwig farce "Moon Over Buffalo." Best Actor In A Play Tony Award nominations were bestowed on both Carol and Philip for their performances in the hit show.

In 1996 Carol began her much acclaimed appearances as Jamie Buchman’s (Helen Hunt) mother on NBC’s “Mad About You,” for which she won a Best Supporting Actress Emmy. The episodes, which were among the series highest rated, continued into the 1997 season. 1994 was a busy year for Carol. She produced two specials for CBS, “Men, Movies & Carol," which spoofed the cinema and guest starred Tony Bennett, Scott Bakula, Michael Jeter and Barry Bostwick; and "Carol Burnett: The Special Years," featuring the most memorable moments from nine of her specials. "Seasons of the Heart," a dramatic telefilm on NBC, in which she co-starred with George Segal and Malcolm McDowell, also aired that year.

Carol spent most of her childhood in a less-than-glamorous section of Hollywood and attended UCLA before heading to New York. It was a rough beginning as jobs were tough until Carol staged her own musical revue, featuring her out-of-work roommates from a theatrical boarding house performing material by unemployed writers and composers. Soon offers for summer stock and 13 weeks' work on Paul Winchell's Kiddie TV show followed. Shortly thereafter, while performing at The Blue Angel in New York, she was spotted by talent bookers from both "The Jack Paar Show" and "The Ed Sullivan Show." Television audiences of both shows were doubled over with laughter at Carol's now-legendary rendition of "I Made a Fool of Myself Over John Foster Dulles."

After guest spots on Garry Moore's morning TV show of the time, Carol went on to make an appearance on the evening telecast of "The Garry Moore Show." During the first year of the "Garry Moore Show," she simultaneously performed the lead role in the off-Broadway musical, "Once Upon a Mattress." The show was an instant hit and later moved on to Broadway.

The first of her several specials with Julie Andrews followed, "Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall," an hour musical show on CBS. Juggling both Broadway and television, Carol starred on the stage in "Fade Out, Fade In," and in a number of televised specials, including "Carol & Company," with Robert Preston; a 90-minute version of "Once Upon a Mattress"; an original musical, "Calamity

Jane"; "Carol + 2" with Lucille Ball and Zero Mostel, and "Carol & Company" with Rock Hudson. In 1967, Carol returned to Los Angeles to begin what would become the longest-running musical comedy variety show in television history: the Emmy winning "The Carol Burnett Show."

Although the 11-year run of "The Carol Burnett Show," which won 25 Emmy Awards, kept her extremely busy, she managed to find time to headline in Las Vegas with friend Jim Nabors as well as make her stage debut in a non-musical, "Plaza Suite," at the Huntington Hartford Theater in Los Angeles. She starred in another legit outing, "Same Time, Next Year" with Dick Van Dyke and then the Gower Champion-directed production of "I Do, I Do!" with Rock Hudson. Her second Julie Andrews special followed, "Julie and Carol at Lincoln Center," along with starring roles in the feature films "Pete 'N Tillie" with Walter Matthau and "The Front Page" again with Matthau and Jack Lemmon. During the 1973-74 season, while still doing "The Carol Burnett Show," she co-starred with Alan Alda in "6 Rms Riv Vu" on CBS and the following year portrayed four characters in a 90-minute special television presentation of George Furth's comedy/drama, "Twigs." Teaming with opera star Beverly Sills in "Sills & Burnett at the Met," which aired during the 1976-77 season, Carol won a Christopher Award.

Carol has also starred in a variety of film and television projects since she made the conscious decision to bring "The Carol Burnett Show" to an end in 1978, after the series won a total of 25 Emmy Awards and while it was still enormously popular. Other productions include the critically acclaimed and highly rated musical special "Julie and Carol: Together Again" and in 1998 the telefilm “The Marriage Fool” in which she again co-starred with Walter Matthau. In recognition of this vast body of television accomplishments, The National Association of Broadcasters inducted her into their prestigious Hall of Fame.

Additional feature films include "The Four Seasons," "Chu Chu and the Philly Flash," "Annie," and two films directed by Robert Altman, "Health" and "A Wedding," for which she won the San Sebastian Film Award as Best Actress. Her most recent film credit is the starring role, opposite Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve, in the adaptation of the hilarious British stage farce, "Noises Off," directed by Peter Bogdanovich.

Home audiences saw her in such television movies as "The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank," "Friendly Fire," for which she received an Emmy nomination, "The Tenth Month," as well as the HBO films "Between Friends" with Elizabeth Taylor and "The Laundromat," directed by Robert Altman. Other television specials include "Dolly and Carol In Nashville" with Dolly Parton, "Burnett Discovers Domingo" with Placido Domingo and a two-hour ABC presentation of Neil Simon's play "Plaza Suite," which she had performed on stage in Los Angeles. In 1991 she hosted two highly acclaimed CBS specials, "The Very Best of the Ed Sullivan Show," and her own "The Carol Burnett Show: A Reunion," two of the network's highest rated shows during the season.

Carol never lost her love of performing before a live audience and since 1990, she has appeared in numerous productions of "Love Letters," starring opposite such leading men as John Cleese, Tony Roberts, Charlton Heston, Tom Selleck, Brian Dennehy and Cliff Robertson. She returned to musical comedy in the 1993 Long Beach Civic Light Opera productions of "From The Top!," (an original musical written especially for Carol by long-time collaborators and friends Ken and Mitzie Welch) and Stephen Sondheim's "Company."
Carol's social and charitable endeavors are legion. She has donated scholarships to her alma mater, UCLA, on whose board of trustees she serves and where she has established "The Carol Burnett Musical Theater Competition."

In addition to UCLA, Carol has also contributed to scholarship funds at the University of Hawaii for ethics in journalism, and created scholarship funds for performers at Boston's Emerson College and The College of Santa Fe. Carol continues to give without hesitation to numerous charities, always remembering that she has been generously given to as well. Carol Burnett Show DVD