Carol Burnett and Friends, also known as The Carol Burnett Show, was a half hour comedy television show composed of sketches and parodies (movie, tv shows, soaps operas) starring Carol Burnett, Vicky Lawrence, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman among others. The show usually starts with some audience interaction followed by the sketches that made the show famous. Among the favorites are soap opera and movie parodies, "As the Stomach Turns" and "Went with the Wind".

Carol Burnett and Friends aired on CBS from September 11, 1967 to March 29, 1978 for a total of 278 episodes. The show also enjoyed success for many years in syndicated reruns (Carol Burnett and Friends) after some reediting of the show's sketches.



DVD- Reviews

Nov 12th -

I bought this and the TIME LIFE set and this set has about 3 or 4 times more episodes than the really expensive boxed set. - Thanks for the super show collection at a much better price!

Mike H.

This is a very very funny collection! I am so happy i bought this set for my wife! I had no idea Carol Burnett was so funny i ended up enjoying the shows myself!

Nov- 7th

Dave B.

Hillarious show indeed - The world needs more "Carol Burnett" I love this DVD series it really makes me bust my gut on some of those skits.

"I was watching the Tony Danza show a few days ago and one of his guests was Carol Burnett. Watching the old clips from her 70's show really made me want them on DVD so I decided to purchase this set. To my amazement, I found that they were very comprehensive for the really cheap price. A very good buy!!"

- Judy

"Miss the times when sex on TV was implied instead of explicit. Carol had sex on her show but you never had to worry about watching it in your face or what the kids were going to see next. Well done, Carol. "

- Gerald

"It brought back memories of when I watched Carol's show each week and laughed and laughed! I had forgotten. I am so glad I ordered this. "

- Debbie


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